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The biological technologies applied in the food and agriculture sector are aimed at ensuring quality, traceability and guaranteeing species, and at obtaining and establishing bioactive, prebiotic and probiotic properties. We combine microbiological and biochemical techniques, molecular biology and cellular cultures in order to achieve complete development, from the identification of an asset, its production and evaluation of functionalities.

Our lines of technological activity are:

  • Obtaining protein hydrolysates from enzyme technology with specific properties: emulsifiers, flavourings.
  • Characterisation of protein hydrolysates.
  • Determination of bioactivity in protein hydrolysates and peptide fractionations obtained by enzyme technology with cellular cultures.
  • Development of new processes that use enzymes and/or microorganisms.
  • Determination of bioactive peptide activity in animal origin hydrolysates. Evaluation of different biological activities in in vitro systems.
  • Isolation of potentially probiotic microorganisms for animal feed. Evaluation of prebiotic and probiotic activities. Formulation of these microorganisms in the end feed. Development of systems for genetic characterisation and viability control in the end product.
  • Determination of biological polluting agents (presence of DNA of different species) in products with high hydrolysis, such as enzymatic gelatins and hydrolysates.

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