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Cleaning and Detergency

Limpieza y Detergencia

In this field of application we develop technologies extendable to industries for the production of biological agents, essentially micro-organisms and enzymes, with cleaning and detergency activities. We select the agents that provide the greatest yield for different environmental conditions of temperature, ph, nutrients, toxic elements, light, etc.

Our lines of technological activity are:

  • Optimal determination of the activity of industrial enzymes and their conditions of performance and use. Enzymatic activities: proteolytic, lipolytic, amyolytic, cellulolytic.
  • Optimization of enzyme performance conditions with a view to appropriate formulation of the end product. Compatibility of biological product formulations (enzymes and microorganisms).
  • Search for super-degrading microorganisms by means of the exhaustive and systematic screening of microorganisms in different habitats where the desired activities are high: lipolytics, proteolytics, amylolytics, cellulolytics, or more specific activities such as keratinolytics (for unblocking products) or pesticide degrading.
  • Cloning of microorganisms that produce modified enzymes in such a way that they act in concentrations other than native and are therefore more favourable for formulation of the product.
  • Cloning of microorganisms that produce interesting enzymes, including microorganisms that cannot be cultivated.
  • Search for and isolation of the enzymatic activities of non-cultivable organisms from metagenomic libraries. Screening of multiple activities based on said libraries.
  • Improved productivity: microorganisms or conditions of enzyme activity (e.g. enzymes that work in cold temperatures) by means of directed or random mutation.
  • Fermentation on a 5-litre scale to obtain crude enzyme extracts.
  • Support in the industrial application of enzymes and microorganisms.
  • Determination of the comparative effectiveness of the end products obtained, formulated with enzymes or microorganisms.

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