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Development of next-generation functional textile fibers using ALD techniques. nGN21
The objective of this project is the modification of textile fibers to obtain fibers with improved properties relevant to the textile industry, such as mechanical, antimicrobial or anti-odor properties.
ELKARTEK project
Funded by Basque Government
Subject: Microbiology, material characterization
Gobierno Vasco
Funded by Basque Government
Food Security for Europe: Coordination of research activities and dissemination of research results of EC-funded research on food safety. FOODSEG
Safe food for Europe coordination of research activities and dissemination of research results of EC-funded research on food safety. FOODSEG

CSA (Coordination and Support Action) to disseminate state-of-the-art research results of ongoing research in Europe (Programmes FP6 and FP7) in food safety and quality topics through a series of symposia, expert working group meetings, an online platform with best practise examples and coordination of cooperation and a plan for the preparation of future activities.
European Project VII Framework Programme
Funded by the European Commission
Subject: Food safety and quality
Leader: RTD Services
Development of a detergency product based on microbial biosurfactants. ECOBIO
The principle objective of this project is to obtain new microbial biosurfactants for the formulation of new biosurfactants. Biosurfactants of microbial origin are used as industrials detergents for the agrifood industry, among others.
GAITEK Project
Subject: Agrifood industry
Leader: Guserbiot
Creation and screening of a cDNA library from natural samples. KERATO-LIBRERÍA
Isolation of a protease from long feathers for further industrial use.
Private funding from client.
Subject: Molecular Biology.
Contribution of new technologies to obtaining foods of the future also documented: safer, more nutritious, more advisable and more intelligent. FUTURAL
FUTURAL is structured into six activities, each of which covers a new technology by means of a series of scientific objectives based on the food matrices most suitable for their incorporation. In activity 5, led by GAIKER, 7 leading companies in the sector work to develop active films and packaging to prevent the degradation of food by inhibiting bacterial growth and loss of safety due to the proliferation of foodborne pathogens.
CENIT Project
Funded by the CDTI. Ministry of Science and Innovation
Subject: Active packaging
Leader: AIE (Food and Health of the future)
cenit futural

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