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Paints and coating

Pinturas y recubrimientos

We have 120m2 of specific facilities at the AIC (Automotive Intelligence Center) in which to develop new paints and coatings. Equipped with a dry and wet sample laboratory in addition to a painting booth, we develop innovative paints, characterise raw materials and formulations prior to application and determine the properties of coatings once applied.

We develop functional coating, particularly antipollution, antibacterial and antisolar, which reflects infrared solar radiation for the reduced heating of pieces.

We develop varnish with high resistance to scratching and antifouling or antiscalants for marine environments.

We work on the synthesis of new self-repairing coatings to reduce the effect of slight aggressions to aesthetic properties and loss of shine in lacquers and varnishes in the automotive sector.

Our lines of technological activity are:

  • Characterisation of coatings in liquid state prior to their application:
    • Determination of their rheological characteristics
    • Determination of physical parameters
  • We formulate and assess the properties of functional coatings:
    • Hydrophobic
    • Antibacterial
    • Antifouling or antiscalant (for use in marine environment applications)
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Self-repairing
    • Thermochromatic
    • Anti-pollution
  • Application and curing processes:
    • By means of application in a sealed, over-pressurised booth using an air pistol and robot
    • By means of a rotary coater for application on plastic film and other ink, paint and varnish substrates
  • Finished piece characterisation:
    • We determine physical and physical-mechanical properties.
    • We assess the final quality by means of microscopy (optical and electronic)
    • We determine the aesthetic characteristics and finish (hardness, scratching, orange peel, etc.)

GAIKER FOUNDATION has also received a grant in 2011-2012 from the Ministry of Science and Innovation under the State General Budget in order to purchase equipment and to improve the scientific and technical facilities.

2011-2012: Investment financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. "Desarrollo de Tecnologías de Vanguardia para el Sector Automoción" Project. Ref.: NOM 2011/GAIKER/39. Amount awarded: €2.000.000

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