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Available area 8.750 m2
Laboratories 1.430 m2
Industrial premises 1.900 m2
Offices and workrooms 3.730 m2
Recreational areas 0.250 m2
Auditorium (99pax) 0.186 m2
Training rooms 0.180 m2
Others 1.074 m2

Laboratories, equipment and pilot plants


  • Molecular biology laboratory
  • Genomics and proteomics laboratory
  • Cell culture laboratory
  • Detection systems laboratory
  • Industrial microbiology laboratory
  • Fluorescence microscopy laboratory

Environment and Recycling

  • Physical - Chemical Analysis laboratory
  • Gas and liquid chromatography laboratory
  • Environment laboratory
  • SFE laboratory
  • Water treatment laboratory
  • Pilot plants for recycling, water and soil treatment and biofuels

Plastics & Composites

  • Instrumental analysis laboratory
  • Fire laboratory
  • Smart materials laboratory
  • Microscopy laboratory
  • Water treatment laboratory
  • Nanomaterials and functionalisation laboratory
  • Rheology and formulation laboratory
  • Accelerated ageing laboratory
  • Mechanical testing laboratory
  • Pilot plants for processing and transformation of plastics and composites
  • Dry sample laboratory
  • Wet sample laboratory
  • Preparation, application and curing

GAIKER FOUNDATION has received funding for infrastructure through the different calls of the Ministry of Science and Innovation for Technological Centres, Scientific Parks and Technologies during the following years:

2009: No. PID-600200-2009-11
2008: No. DEX-600200-2008-101
2008: No. PCT-010000-2008-29
2007: No. PCT-A48177752-2007
2006: No. PCT-A48177752-2006
2005: No. PCT-010000-2005-11

GAIKER FOUNDATION has also received grants in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012 from the Ministry of Science and Innovation under the State General Budget in order to purchase equipment and to improve the scientific and technical facilities.

2011-2012: Investment financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. "Desarrollo de Tecnologías de Vanguardia para el Sector Automoción" Project. Ref.: NOM 2011/GAIKER/39. Amount awarded: €2.000.000

Ministerio de Ciencia e InnovaciónUE

2021.Aid program for the acquisition of infrastructures - AZPITEK. Financed by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government. Chemical recycling technologies plant for the development of circular economy strategies in plastic materials and composites (PHOENIX Project). File No.: PZ-2021/00025. Amount awarded: 252,692.97€.
Departamento de Desarrollo Económico, Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente dle Gobierno Vasco

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