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HIDROAMBIENTE and GAIKER-IK4 develop technology for improving quality of water for public use

New technology implemented by the HIDROAMBIENTE engineering company and the GAIKER-IK4 Technological Centre enables enhancing the quality of water for human consumption, avoiding the use of chemical reagents and reducing the space required for installations.

2012/12/10  Throughout the history of humanity, purification systems for obtaining drinkable water have been associated with its storage for subsequent use. These systems have traditionally been based on decanting processes, the development of which came with industrialisation, bringing with it, as it did, the growing need for the consumption and storage of water.

Today the same principle of the clarification of water for decanting solids continues to be used, although the traditional decanters have given way to advanced systems of decantation (High Rate Clarification–HRT). With the twin aim of enhancing performance and reducing the space required for the installation, the new technological developments have been based on the use of chemical reagents (such as coagulants and flocculants), the incorporation of lamellas into decantation systems, and the recirculation of sludge and ballast material (such as microsand and others). All this in order to achieve greater performances in the purification of water and thus enhance its quality.

HIDROAMBIENTE S.A. – a Bizkaia-based engineering firm specialising in water treatment, constituted in 1993 and aimed at industrial companies and public bodies responsible for the supply of drinking water and the purification of waste water – initiated in 2009, together with GAIKER-IK4, an R+D+i project with the goal of generating a new concept for water purification systems for public use.

This involves purifying water while obviating the use of chemical reagents which do not have a food origin, incorporating Tecno-ECO and membrane technologies, instead of the coagulation-flocculation and sedimentation stages of classical treatment processes. The end goal of HIDROAMBIENTE with this project, a company with a tradition in innovation, and in line with trends in European norms, is to enhance the quality of water for human consumption. At GAIKER-IK4 we are collaborating in achieving this difficult goal, with the most innovative treatment techniques - in its role as a Technological Centre expert in R+D+i associated with water treatment.

Greater water quality at a better price
After three years of joint work, the results of this research, financed with funding from FEDER and culminating at the end of this current year (2012), confirmed the viability of the goals put forward. The viability of Tecno-ECO and membrane technologies for the treatment of high-quality water supply, without using reactive chemicals has thus been shown. The resulting water not only complies with the quality standards set down by RD 140/2003, but also enables a notable reduction in the space required for installations in comparison to the needs of current systems. Finally, the improvement in the price of the new system – pending definitive calculations – is significant, and is thus a highly competitive solution on the global market.

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