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We develop technologies for the remediation and recovery of polluted soils and sediments. We undertake exhaustive physical-chemical characterisation, traceability studies and the subsequent introduction of treatment using biological and physical-chemical systems.

We also study viability and optimal process parameters for composting-based organic waste treatment processes as well as possible applications for the end product.

Our lines of technological activity are:

  • Soil and sediment characterisation.
  • Soil/sediment treatment technologies:
    • Biological treatments:
      • Composting-based bioremediation.
      • Biostimulation.
      • Bioaugmentation.
      • Landfarming.
      • Solid-phase treatment.
    • Soft technologies: natural attenuation.
    • Physical-chemical treatments:
      • Solvent extraction.
      • Contention systems.
      • Inertisation/Solidification.
      • Classification and washing.
  • ISO/OECD compliant toxicity assays.
  • Molecular biology tool-based microbial population study.
  • Compost quality assessment.
  • Valorisation of agrifood industry waste.

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