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Mechanical Recycling

Mechanical Recycling

Our aim in this field is to design and assess specific recycling processes which allow recovered material fractions of the highest quality to be obtained and returned to the economic cycle.

Our technological activity is based on the treatment of material flows from all types of post-consumer waste. We apply various assessment, adaptation (characterisation and conditioning) and separation technologies to these flows.

The purpose is to provide technologically innovative solutions for improving our clients’ competitiveness.

The waste treated includes:

  • Urban solid waste (USW)
  • Light packaging waste
  • End-of-life vehicles (ELV)
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Construction and demolition waste (CDW)
  • Emerging waste: CDs and DVDs, flat screens, toners, etc
  • Emerging waste: CDs and DVDs, flat screens, toners, etc
  • Industrial and production waste

Our lines of technological activity are:

  • Waste sampling and characterisation
    • Determination of nature and composition (material, elements, calorimetric analysis, use as fuel, etc.)
    • Conditioning and texturisation (grinding, crushing, washing, drying, etc.)
  • Development and assessment of integrated waste management systems:
    • Waste collection logistics
    • Treatment and recycling schemes
  • Physical separation of materials and purity improvement
    • By density, shape and size (hydrocyclones, densimetric tables, vibrating screens, etc.)
    • By electromagnetism (electrostatic and magnetic separators, etc.)
    • By means of other properties (thermal fractionation, flotation…)
  • Automatic identification and detection for separation
    • Spectroscopic Identification (NIR, MIR, SSS, etc.) of polymers, additives, loads and reinforcements
    • Detection of materials and particles using sensors and sight
  • Prototype and pilot plant development
    • Development and implementation of recycling systems and lines by combining different operations and technologies
    • Viability studies of waste-treatment, fraction separation and materials-recycling schemes
  • Definition and development of new high value added products and applications based on recycled plastics
  • Reuse
  • Active disassembly

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