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Patents are a means of recognising and protecting the exclusive rights to exploit and disseminate the knowledge and innovation developed by a company. They increase businesses' competitive advantages, reduce the risks of violations and favour the access to market and the exploitation of innovative developments.

GAIKER has a current portfolio of 27 requested patents, both national and international, and three utility models.


Sector Title
Materials Composites Sheet moulding compound (SMC), process for its manufacturing and hybrid materiale containing molded SMC
Biodetection Method for the detection of botrytis cinerea based on loop-mediated isothermal amplification, detection reagent and set of primers
Biodetection Method for the detection of legionella spp.strains in environmental samples based on loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp), detection reagent, set of primers, device for dosing and preparing the sample for analysis, support, and system for dosing and preparing the sample for analysis
Biodetection Device for the preparation of samples for analysis, support, system for the preparation of samples for analysis, and method for the analysis of samples
Biodetection Portable enrichment, aliquoting, and testing device of microorganisms and toxins
Biodetection Method and device for the detection of genetic material through polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
Biodetection Method for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes through RT-PCR
Construction Procedure to manufacture continuous skin hollow pieces with marble or artificial onyx effect
Construction Impact-resistant decorative material
Electronics Polyimides with piezoelectric properties
Energy Process to increase biofuel production rate by including it as an additive
Advanced Materials Formulation of halogen-free fire-resistant unsaturated polyester resin
Advanced Materials Fireproof materials
Advanced Materials/Processes Composites termoplásticos reforzados estampables basados en policloruro de vinilo, procedimiento de obtención y transformación
Advanced Materials/Processes Prepreg, process for manufacturing the prepreg, part including the prepreg and process for manufacturing the part
Environmental/Bioprocesses Carrier Device
Street furniture and fixtures 360º Rotating bench
Leisure Device to simulate anatomical limbs for their detachment through traction
Paints and coverings Nuevos derivado de cumarina
Paints and coverings Self-repairing polymers
Paints and coverings Self-repairing polyurethane
Fine Chemestry Process for the extraction of ceramides from wool with supercritical fluids
Recycling / Electrical & Electronics Machinery for the disassembly of electronic components of printed circuit boards
Health Antitoxin delta peptides
Health Anti bedsore mattress based on magnetorheological fluids
Health/Biodetection Method and kit for non-invasive diagnosis of colorectal cancer
Health/Biodetection Methods and kits for diagnosis and staging of colorectal cancer

Utility Models

Sector Title
Transport Container for art pieces
Transport Safety packaging for paintings
Transport Safety packaging for art pieces

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