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In vitro Nanotoxicity

Natoxicidad in vitro

We represent a benchmark in the new in vitro nanotoxicology discipline, an area where we have a great deal of experience in developing and validating toxicological studies of nanomaterials.

Our lines of technological activity:

Studies with nanomaterials (virgin and coated)
  • Studies to establish the viability of cell lines and primary cultures derived from different organs (hepatocytes, keratinocytes, fibroblasts, etc.)
  • Genotoxicity studies (AMES test, COMET test, micronucleus test)
  • Haemolysis
  • Inflammation evaluation (ex vivo and cellular models)
  • Cellular stress evaluation (ex vivo and cellular models)
  • Penetration through physiological barriers according to exposure pathway (respiratory tract epithelium, intestinal, the skin, the brain)
  • Study of molecular response by conventional PCR, high-performance genomic and proteomic analyses to identify biomarkers that can be used as new target points
  • Percutaneous absorption (OECD directive 428)
  • Dermal irritation (OECDTG 404)
  • Cutaneous corrosion (OECD 431, 435)
  • Ocular irritation (Invittox no. 37)
  • In vitro toxicity by inhalation (encompassing experiments of acute, sub-chronic and chronic exposure)
  • Customised studies on demand according to nanomaterial specifications
  • Experience from the perspective of existing regulations with a view to contributing to the development of drugs and dermocosmetics based on nanosystems

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