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Life Cycle Assessment Software: SimaPro 7, Gabi 4
Life Cycle Assessment Software: SimaPro 7, Gabi 4
Innovation in Environmental Design of Electric Applications thanks to the Convergence of Smart and Secure Networks CRISALIDA
The overall objective is to investigate the secondary electricity distribution network that will be required in the near future, with special emphasis on the safety of people and property, the environmental impact and electrical supply quality. The development of a future Transformer Substation is also proposed.
CENIT Project.
Funded by the CDTI (Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development), Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Subject: ecodesign, sustainability.
Leader: Uniblock.
Environmental validation of the redesign of a transformer substation centre using a life-cycle analysis methodology.
Environmental assessment of redesign options for a transformer substation. Transfer of the Ecodesign methodology to a business context.
ETORGAI Project.
Funded by the Basque Government.
Subject: ecodesign.
Leader: ZIV.
Development of a tool to identify and assess the sustainability of end of life processes
Development of matter and energy flow models in several waste processing systems (incineration, gasification, recycling, cement recovery, etc.) to simulate the treatment of each type of waste depending on its composition, with the ultimate goal of calculating life cycle environmental indicators.
Private funding from client.
Subject: LCA.
A study of the application of the extended producer responsibility (EPR) principle from the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) Directive in the household appliances sector implications of environmental legislation on aspects of ecodesign
Advantages and (environmental and economic) problems associated with the extended producer responsibility (EPR) concept posed by various industrial associations.
Private funding from client.
Subject: ecodesign, environmental legislation
Review of Directive 2002/96 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts Assessment. Options for Improvement
Project awarded by the EC DG Environment by public tender to UNU-EHS, AEA Technology, TU Delft, GAIKER-IK4 and REC. Critical analysis of the options for improving the WEEE Directive during its revision in 2008.
7FP European Project.
Subject: ecodesign, environmental legislation.
Leader: UNU-EHS.
Development of a geographic information system for the sustainable management of industrial and technology parks (G-park)
Development of a geographic information system enabling the implementation of industrial ecology principles for the development of industrial Eco-parks.
Private funding from client.
Subject: industrial ecology.
Simplified services for environmental improvement, product ecodesign in the electrical and electronic industries
Project awarded by IHOBE public tender, granted for the development of Ecodesign case studies for the electrical and electronic industries in the Basque Country.
Funded by the Basque Government.
Subject: Ecodesign.
Leader: IHOBE
Assessment of the environmental advantages and drawbacks of existing and emerging polymers recovery process
Project awarded by the EC DG- IPTS/JRC by public tender in which the most appropriate current and emerging technologies for treating plastic waste form different sectors were analysed together with the environmental impact of different prospective implementation scenarios.
European Tender
Subject: recycling, Life Cycle Assessment.
Leader: GAIKER-IK4.

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