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Life Cycle Assessment Software: SimaPro 7, Gabi 4
Life Cycle Assessment Software: SimaPro 7, Gabi 4
Bioplastic production in a circular economy model: implementation on the agricultural sector. BIOPLAST
BIOPLAST project's main aim is to develop products using renewable resources from the agricultural sector (mainly agri-waste) and demonstrate new valorisation pathways for the end-of-life of these bioplastics (methanisation, composting) ensuring a return of the final biomass (digestate, compost) to the soil. As a result, this circular economy pathway will allow to create value for the agricultural and agrofood sector in the involved estates.
Funded by European Union
Subjects: Bioplastics, LCA, valorisation, environmental sustainability
Leader: APESA
Design of a methodology for the evaluation of the sustainability of contaminated soil remediation plans. REMEDISOST
Development of a methodology to identify the best alternative for the remediation of contaminated soils based on their sustainability by comparing the environmental, social and economic impacts that occur during their execution and taking into account the life cycle of the operations carried out.
Ecoinnovation. IHOBE
Funded by IHOBE and FEDER
Subjects: Polluted Soils, sustainability, methodology
Leader: GAIKER-IK4
Virtual parameterisation of energy efficiency in municipal facilities and offices. ENERVALUE
Development of a tool for taking decisions to implement energy efficiency measures in public administrations, placing priority on the options that best adapt to the user’s requirements for economic, environmental and social benefits.
Plan for improved competitiveness 2011. Area 3: Improved competitiveness projects
Funded by the Provincial Government of Bizkaia and the Basque Government. GAITEK Project
Subjects: Energy efficiency, Life-cycle analysis, Environmental management.
Leader: Factor CO2
Research into advanced technologies for the integral valorisation of algae. CENIT VIDA
The CENIT VIDA project is a science and technology initiative led by IBERDROLA Engineering and Construction and promoted by a consortium of 13 companies and 25 research bodies which have taken up the challenge of generating the knowledge and technologies required to develop a new BIO, Self-sufficient and Sustainable City (BioCAS) concept, applying to the urban environment a new culture of making the most of natural resources, waste and contaminants, based on the use of algae and microalgae. The part played by GAIKER as a contributor to the research line followed by IBERDROLA Engineering and Construction focusses on evaluating the sustainability of the different alternatives considered from environmental and social points of view.
CENIT Project
Backed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)
Subjects: Algae, energy, environmental management, life-cycle analysis
Leader: Iberdrola Engineering and Construction
Ecosustainability of ionic liquids for industrial applications. LIQUION
Research and generation of knowledge in ionic liquids and their application technologies by means of more environment-friendly processes than those presently used, with a view to meeting transport, energy, environment and biomedicine sector demands. GAIKER’s part in the project focusses on the sustainability of ionic liquids and of new products and processes developed under the project that include the use of ionic liquids. GAIKER will also analyse possible ways of processing ionic liquids at the end of their life-cycle.
CENIT Programme
Funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation
Subjects: Life-cycle analysis, Environmental management
Leader: MAIER
Ecodesign, ecoinnovation and RFID identification technology for managing waste electrical and electronic equipment. IDECO
Optimisation and improvement of the current model of managing, reusing and recycling Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) by developing a global ITC management system to improve available information on waste and its traceability; also, the launch of an ecodesign platform to provide all necessary resources for its introduction to the design of new, more sustainable and recyclable products.
2010 - 2013
Funded by the Basque Government
Subjects: Waste, recycling, ecodesign
Leader: Inkoa Sistemas S.L.
Strategic commerce research programme - MERKABILA
MERKABILA’s aim is to better understand and advance in the development of strategic research in the field of Commerce Science through the convergence of traditional science and technology fields in order to increase competitiveness and innovation in the Commerce Sector of the Basque Country, and in turn, in its economy and society.
ETORTEK Programme
2009 - 2011
Financed by the Basque Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism
Subject: sustainability, waste management.
Leader: Tecnalia
Life cycle analysis related to the selective collection of organic waste in the Basque Country. Processing and usage of the final product (compost)
Analysis of the alternatives for biological treatment of organic waste, considering the local characteristics and assessing the environmental impact.
Funded by the Basque Government.
Subject: LCA, waste composting.
Leader: Ihobe.
High throughput large area and cost-effective OLED production technologies. FAST2LIGHT
7 FP European project led by TNO including leading organisations in the project consortium such as Philips, Agfa-Gevaert, Huntsman, Orbotech, Bekaert, Swansea and Budapest Universities, IMEC, OTB DISPLAY, Hanita Coatings and Oxford Lasers. This project was aimed at developing OLEDs for lighting using an economically viable Roll-to-Roll production method. GAIKER-IK4's role in this project was to validate the sustainability of the product obtained on the basis of its entire life-cycle, including its recyclability.
2 7FP European Project
Subject: ecodesign, sustainability.
Leader: TNO

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