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GAIKER-IK4 opens its doors to bring children into the secrets of DNA

Some of the activities have been organised in collaboration with the Adecco Foundation, and aim to raise children's awareness on issues of accessibility and reduced mobility

On the occasion of the celebration of the Open Day organized by the Bizkaia Technology Park (Zamudio) on November 21, the Technology Centre GAIKER-IK4 will develop a series of activities focusing on the dissemination of its researchers work in the Area ofBiotechnology.

Among Sunday's activities for children, they will have the chance to observe different culture cells through a microscope and learn about the fundamental element that all living organisms are made of. They will colour cards with cellular motifs and will receive a gift puzzle with the DNA double helix, which shows how our genetic material is organised, from the chromosome to the DNA double helix formed by the bases G, A , T, C.

In parallel, and with the collaboration of the Adecco (with which GAIKER-IK4 maintains a long-standing relationship since 2008 to facilitate access to employment and social integration of disabled persons and persons at risk of inequality and social exclusion), activities will be held to raise awareness of our little ones regarding the issues people with disabilities or limited mobility have to face. Thus, children may participate in educational games related to the DNA strand which will be combined with concepts of accessibility and awareness. Meanwhile, adults can enjoy the usual tours of the Technology Centre which its celebrating its 25th Anniversary dedicated to R&D in the fields of Biotechnology; Environment and Recycling; and Plastics and Composites.

As a Centre committed with Society, GAIKER-IK4 has been involved since the beginning of the Open Day organised by the Bizkaia Technology Park, since its an excellent opportunity to inform the public of their activities. This event is framed within the activities of the Science, Technology and Innovation Week, and seeks to show visitors that Technology Parks are an industrial environment of high environmental quality, based on new technologies, research, development and innovation.

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