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GAIKER-IK4 expounds on today's developments in plastics from renewable sources and the future expectations in a conference

The Technology Centre is a reference in the development of new materials and, specifically, in this type of bioplastics

The GAIKER-IK4 Technology Centre has organized a conference on bioplastics in order to present current and future developments that are occurring in the sector of renewable materials and, specifically, in bioplastics. Bioplastics are those plastics with a matrix polymer based on renewable resources, or that are biodegradable, fulfilling all the criteria for scientifically recognized standards for  biodegradability and composting of plastics and plastic products. The conference will take place on February 25 at the facilities of the Technology Centre in Zamudio.

The conference will present an analysis of the current situation of bioplastics, assessing their main uses, both from the standpoint of the polymers used and the applications for which each of them are intended.
It also explains the future prospects of these materials so that attendees can get a clear picture of what may be the development of these materials in the coming years.

The event, organised in the framework of the European Project REMAR targets companies with an interest in knowing the current situation and the future of the bioplastics' market and, in particular, to those professionals interested in plastics from renewable sources. The project aims to develop REMAR actions related to energy and the environment in the Basque Country, Navarre, La Rioja and Aquitaine. GAIKER-IK4 is one of the participating venues along with Leia, L'Urederra, Cener, Estia and Apesa.  The Federation of Employers of La Rioja-FER, the Navarre Industry Association- AIN and Aclima (The Basque Country's Environmental Industry's Cluster Association).

10:00 Presentation of REMAR
10:10 Presentation of the technical conference on bioplastics
10:20 The current state of bioplastics in Spain (Begoña Busturia/Leia - Claire Jacquet-Lassus/Pôle Polymère Sud)


10:55  The production of natural polymers (Jacques Desbrières/University of Pau)
11:20 Use of plant fibres in the production of composites (Fabiola Vilaseca/University of Gerona)


12:10 Natural thermoset resins for the development of composites (Sandra Allúe/Gaiker IK4)
12:40 PLA production (speaker to be confirmed)
13:05 Additives from renewable sources used to manufacture plastics (Gilles Meunier/Arkema)

13:30 LUNCH


15:00 Applications in the automotive sector (speaker to be confirmed)
15:20 Applications in the container industry (François Aumonier/Vegeplast)
15:40 Applications in agriculture (Sara Guerrini/Novamont)
16:00 Applications in other sectors (Nuria García/ Fkur-Ultrapolymers)
16:20 Future prospects of bioplastics (Jordi Simón/BASF España)

info:  Clara Bilbao,

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