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Ms. Begoña Goiricelaya, new General Manager at GAIKER-IK4

Former Director Iñaki Letona, has left the leadership of the Organisation after eighteen years to his right-hand woman over the last years

Begoña Goiricelaya is, from 1 July, the new General Manager of GAIKER-IK4, replacing Mr. Iñaki Letona, who has headed the Organisation since 1992 and will remain linked to the Centre as an Honorary Collaborator of the Foundation and to the Chairman's Office.

Begoña Goiricelaya (Bilbao, 1958) graduated in Chemistry at the UPV/EHU, began working at GAIKER-IK4 in 1986. Since then, she has held different positions of responsibility related to the management of the Centre, even participating in the first European R&D&I projects. Since 1998 she has held high-responsibility positions in the areas of Administration and Internal Services, Quality, Personnel (HR), Labour Safety, Media, Image and Communication. She has been Assistant Manager since 2001. In 2009 she was appointed Deputy Director of the Centre. Thanks to her appointment by the Board of Trustees of the GAIKER Foundation, Begoña Goiricelaya has become the first woman to direct a Technology Centre.
GAIKER Technology Centre
The association GAIKER, Grupo Tecnológico de Nuevos Materiales (Technology Group on New Materials) was founded in 1985 as a non-profit organisation sponsored by the Economic Promotion Department of the Bizkaia Provincial Council and under the tutelage of a group of private companies. Similarly, in 1988, also thanks to the initiative of the Economic Development Department of the Bizkaia Regional Government and a group of private companies, BIOTEK was founded to promote technological solutions in the field of biotechnology, which was just emerging at the time. In 1992, both associations stopped being independent Technology Groups and became one sole Centre, with a new corporate identity and acquiring an entrepreneurial character, which ultimately became the private non-profit Foundation it is today.
Today, GAIKER-IK4 concentrates its research in three areas of knowledge: Biotechnology; Environment and Recycling; and Plastics and Composites. Last year GAIKER-IK4 closed its accounts with a total revenue of 10.9 million euros, a figure slightly higher than the one obtained in 2008.

As regards to the forecasts for the current year, the Centre's revenue is expected to reach approximately 11.3 million euros.
As per the evolution of Human Resources, the Centre increased its staff in 2009, reaching 130 staff members and 27 people with training stages who worked with us throughout the year. Regarding the results in R&D Projects, the Technology Centre has developed 84 R&D Projects to transfer know-how to the business network "Under Contract", responding to their clients and members of the Foundation. GAIKER has also developed 42 R&D Projects for Technological Learning and Specialisation, 5 of which were developed in cooperation with business groups and 12 were European Projects, amounting to a total of 4.9 million euros.
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